Most Common Used Jupyter Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the lists of the most common used shortcuts when I work with Jupyter Notebooks:

Executing cells

Shortcut Description
Ctril + Enter run selected cell
Shift + Enter run selected cell & select next cell
Alt + Enter run selected cell & insert next cell

Only in Command Mode

Press Esc to enter the Command Mode

Shortcut Description
Y / M / R change the type of current cell to code / markdown / raw
1,2,3,..6 to heading 1,2,3..6
A / B insert cell above / below
X / C cut / copy current cell
DD delete current cell
V / Shift + V paste cell below / above

Only in Edit Mode

Press Enter to enter the Edit Mode

Shortcut Description
Tab / Shift + Tab indent selected code block
Ctril + Z / Ctril + Shift + Z undo / redo
Ctril + / toggle comments

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