Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts

Common Used Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Command + Shift + P show commands
Command + P goto anything (goto file)
Ctril + Command + F enter full screen mode (toggle)
Ctril + Command + Shift + F enter distraction free mode (toggle)
Command + Shift + D duplicate current line
Command + / toggle line comments
Command + J join lines
Command + K, U convert to upper case
Command + K, L convert to lower case
F5 sort lines (ignore case)
Ctril + F5 sort lines (case sensitive)
Ctril + G go to line number
Ctril + Shift + UpArrow / DownArrow select multiple lines
Command + D expand selection to word/ words
Command + L expand selection to line

Universal Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Command + N new file
Command + Shift + N new file in new window
Command + O open file / folder
Command + W close file
Command + Shift + T reopen recent closed file
Command + S / Command + Shift + S save / save as

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